Scott Redding Young Riders Academy


Scott Redding teaching at the Scott Redding Young Riders AcademyThe Scott Redding Young Riders Academy was started in 2011 by Scott Redding and a small group of racing dads after identifying an issue with the way kids are introduced to motorbike racing. Prior to the academy, parents had to purchase the bike and all the necessary kit, amounting to hundreds of pounds, before putting their child on an indoor or outdoor circuit as part of a track day surrounded by adults and much faster riders. Inevitably, the rider drop out rate was high.

The Scott Redding Young Riders Academy aims to give kids and parents the opportunity to try motorbike racing at a low cost and receive the right one to one training while also teaching the correct technique to inspire confidence.To date the Academy has trained over 500 kids to ride a minibike this time. They are also a proud feeder in the Cool FAB Racing Championship with over 80% of the kids in the junior grids having started at the academy.


The Academy provides:

– Dedicated 1 to 1 training with trained instructor at the very beginning to ensure rider can control the bike prior to being let loose on circuit.

– Hire bikes and all protective gear supplied at subsidised cost of £40, which encourages all riders to give it a go.

– Two ability groups, the beginners class and the experienced class. This ensures that young riders are riding to with kids of similar ability to aid development and improve confidence.

– Structured, fun and interactive classroom sessions to teach riding techniques including; lines, braking, throttle control, cornering, flags and riding style.

– Fun on track riding exercises to improve slow speed manoeuvres, riding and braking.

– Races for experienced group at the end of morning to gain experience of race starts, giving riders the opportunity to put into practice things learnt.

– Awards and recognition through presentations and prize giving for great riding, race winners and novice riders who completed their first day.

– New rider package to provide clothing at discounted rate for academy riders

– Heavily discounted race entry for academy riders’ first race with Cool FAB racing championship


The Scott Redding Academy runs every two weeks on a Sunday morning between 8am and 10am at Swindon Karting Arena, Hanger C2, Wroughton Airfield, SN4 0QJ, Swindon.


For more information, please contact Adam Cooke on 07971906061 or visit the Scott Redding Young Riders Academy’s facebook page