Classes & Regulations

The minimum age for the MiniGP50 class is 8 years, for those that have shown good ability on Minimotos, or 9 years, with an assessment before being allowed to race.

For the MiniGP70 class the lower age is 10 years with a minimum of a successful half season in MiniGP50 or 11 with an assessment before being allowed to race.

Both MiniGP bikes are effectively reduced size proper race bikes. Both have liquid cooled motors, 50cc or 70cc, with 6 speed gearbox, and hydraulically operated multi plate wet clutch, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, and full fairing. The MiniGP50 turns out a moderate 10.5bhp and the MiniGP70 a somewhat less moderate 17bhp and both, with their great handling, can turn lap times round circuits that will surprise all.

These truly are the “Apprentice World Champion” bikes.

Junior Minimoto AC40 Rookie Class

As the name suggests, the Minimoto starter class. Open to riders from 6 years of age, this class runs 40cc air cooled motors with 10mm exhaust restrictors to keep things to a sensible performance level for beginners. Riders coming from one of the 2 Academies that we currently recognise can enter their first Cool FAB Championship round at a very special price.

Junior Minimoto LC40 Class.

The next Minimoto class up. Still using 40cc air cooled motors but with a step in performance as the exhaust restrictor is now increased to 14mm. The lower age limit is still 6 years but riders must show sufficient ability to ride in the class.

Junior Minimoto LC40 Class.

The top Minimoto class. These super quick little bikes, fitted with 40cc liquid cooled motors with no exhaust restriction, are certainly not for the inexperienced rider. The minimum age is 7 years so there will usually be at least a year or more experience before a rider comes to this class. AC40 PRO riders can also compete in this class with their air cooled bikes if they wish.

Senior Minimoto AC40 & LC40 Classes.

Open to riders from 14 years of age these 2 Minimoto classes have very few restrictions to performance enhancement other than a 40cc limit and, despite carrying heavier riders than the Junior classes, they have a remarkable turn of speed, particularly the liquid cooled motor LC40s.

A class that allows for more than one rider to share machine, races and cost, but often it is just a single rider per machine. A large range of machines come under the regulations and a check through the class regs is best recommended here as you or your mate may already own a machine that you could race.

This is a very affordable class with bikes, even new, available for as little as around a £1000 plus. With no engine modifications permitted, extra spend for performance will be restricted to suspension, keeping costs down yet again. Minimum age is 16 years but riders aged 14 to 15 with sufficient experience and stature, or with a valid and current ACU Road Race licence, could be allowed. Either possibility to be at the full discretion of FAB-Racing.


As the name says this is the class that is open to a wide range of different machines. With very little limitation other than a top engine size for 4 stroke machines of 200cc and 90cc for 2 stroke bikes it’s the class for those that like to get the most out of their bikes. It draws in the very quickest Senior riders, often from BSB series riders looking for extra practice. Why not enter and see how you compare. Minimum age 16 years but open to lower age riders holding a valid and current ACU Road Race licence, or at the discretion of FAB-Racing.

This MiniF1 class is unique to Cool FAB Racing. These small racing sidecar outfits are powered by 4 stroke motors up to 200cc or 2 stroke up to 86cc, both restricted to 26bhp. Fully faired they really look the part and produce close and exciting racing. Minimum Driver age is 17years and passenger 16 years. If you would like to have a go there is one that can be rented for a meeting, but in that case both rider and passenger must be a minimum 18 years of age.