With the excitement of the junior British Superbike teams running in the Cool FAB Racing Championships next season, it has come to our attention that some individuals and/ or organisations would also like to run their own teams in the Championship and are intending on doing so without seeking the correct permissions from Cool Motor Racing Ltd.

We welcome more teams coming into the Championship and the opportunities that they bring to our young riders. However, all teams must be sanctioned by Cool Motor Racing prior to any arrangements being made; including approaching riders to race in the teams.

If you would like to organise a team, please email Crispin Vitoria at to discuss the parameters for running a team in the Championship. Only teams that have been organised and approved by Cool Motor Racing Ltd. will be allowed to take part in the Championship. Please be aware that any unsanctioned team or branded group of riders that turn up to race will result in all riders and organisers/ parents of the team being ejected from the Championship with immediate effect and no compensation or refunds will be paid.